Polytomies I is the first variant of the series from biological inspirations, built with cardboards in rationalized geometries by glueless connections. The integrated lights response to the environmental sounds in different programmed ways.

The overall shape was designed as parametric three dimensional model and developed into flat geometries for ‘mechanical’ assembly. The glueless connection method enables disassembly of the whole structure especially for maintenance of electric parts inside.

The dovetail joint, used for the branches with curved surfaces, holds the form stably in tension by the elastic bending property of the material. The designed shape forms itself while joining the dovetailed edges from the flat cut plates.

inspiration / references:
- Kunstformen der Natur, Ernst Haeckel, 1904
- Active Timber, David Correa, Oliver David Krieg, Achim Menges, 2016
- http://www.arduino.cc

related research:
seamless connections
regular dodecahedra